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Watkins Customer Order Form

Customer Acc # _______________ Name_____________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________________________

City ______________________________________ State/Prov____________ Zip/PC____________

Day Phone (____) __________________ Evening Phone (____) _________________ Cell (____) _________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________ My Permanent Consultant's ID # is 323239
Ship to address, if different from above.
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
City _________________________________________________ State/Prov ____________ Zip/PC ____________
Article No.
Price Each

For Both Canada & United States
Shipping and Handling
Orders up to $99.99 is $11.95
FREE for orders of $100.00 or more.

Thank You For Your Order!

Product Total _________

PST/State tax if applicable __________

Shipping and Handling _________

GST/HST* (Canada) ________

TOTAL _________

Canadian residents *GST is payable on shipping and handling in all provinces.
PST is payable on shipping and handling in all provinces except Alberta, NWT, Yukon and Manitoba.

Mail this form with your payment to:

Watkins Inc.
P.O. Box 5570
Winona, MN 55987-0570

How You Wish To Pay

( ) Check or Money Order, Payable to Watkins Inc.
( ) Visa ( ) Master Card ( ) Discover US ( ) American Express
Card Number: _______________________
Exp. Date___________ CSC _______
Signature: _________________________

Sorry, No C.O.D. orders

Thank You For Your Order!
Independent Watkins Consultant
Melody Thacker ID #323239
Call toll free: 1-866-452-6948
for product questions, assistance or to place your order.

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