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Here's the inside story... Do you have sinus problems, headaches, or fatigue that just won't go away? If so, you may be homesick... that is, your home may be making you sick! Indoor air pollution is 2 to 1,000 times greater than outdoor air pollution, especially after exposure to household chemicals. Respiratory illness, liver problems and even cancer can show up years after chemical exposure. Indoor air pollution comes from many sources, including chemicals used to treat building materials, paint, furnishings and carpet, as well as household cleaning products. Mixing of fumes can create an even greater threat. The EPA recommends using less toxic household cleaners to reduce exposure to chemicals in your home and your environment.
Brenda Koth, MS, RD

Common Toxic Chemicals Found in Your Home

Did you know that you can find multiple dangerous or toxic chemicals right in your own home? It's true, they are in your cleaners, pesticides, personal care, beauty products and other products. I'm sure you know what precautions to take to keep young children from ingesting household cleaners and other chemical compounds. But swallowing them isn't the only way that we can experience adverse effects from these chemicals. Simply coming into contact with or breathing certain chemicals can pose a danger as well. While one isolated exposure is unlikely to cause anyone serious harm, many exposures over the course of years or decades can cause health problems. You may already be familiar with common household chemicals such as amonia and chlorine (bleach), following are some of the harmful chemicals that we are often exposed to and the types of products you'll find them in:

  • Acetone - This is found in many brands of nail polish remover. Inhalation can irritate the nose, throat and lungs, and cause headaches, increased pulse rate, and in severe cases, a coma. Long-term effects may include kidney, liver and nerve damage and metabolic changes.
  • Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APEs) - These chemicals are found in many different types of household cleaner. They are believed to be endocrine disruptors, which means that they mimic natural human hormones. Long-term effects may include infertility, decreased immune function, ADHD and cancer.
  • BHA and BHT - These are two preservatives that are found in canned foods and some body products. They have been banned in some countries because they have been found to cause cancer, but are still legal in the United States.
  • Benzene - Benzene is found in a wide range of products, from shampoos to pesticides. Effects of inhalation include headache, increased heart rate, tremors, unconsciousness, and possibly death. This chemical has also been linked to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
  • Formaldehyde - Formaldehyde is found in many cleaning, nail care, bath and hair products, even though it is a carcinogen and neurotoxin. It may cause spasms, edema, chemical pneumonitis and damage to mucous membranes.
  • Hydroquinone - This chemical is found in hair dye and skin lightening products. It is toxic and can change the skin's structure, making the user more susceptible to skin cancer.
  • Phthlates - These are found in plastic products, perfumes, air fresheners and moisturizers. They have been linked to hormonal problems, thyroid disorders, birth defects and reproductive problems.
  • Tolulene - Tolulene is found in nail polish, as well as many cleaning products. It is a respiratory irritant, and it can cause hallucinations, liver and kidney damage, bone marrow changes, and cancer.
These are just a few of the dangerous chemicals that many of us are exposed to on a daily basis in our own homes. While it is nearly impossible for you to eliminate all exposure to such substances, you can reduce your risk by reading labels and choosing natural products when possible. Minimizing your use of harmful chemicals can improve the health of you and your family now and in the long term.

Watkins Offers You More Solutions To Indoor Air Pollution

 Watkins Natural Homoe Care Products Are you sick of using nasty chemicals to clean your house? They smell terrible, are bad for the environment, and could even harm your family. Watkins to the resuce! You can now choose from 17 plant-based cleaning and laundry products so you can prevent indoor air pollution in your home. These ultra concentrated cleaners are non-toxic, naturally derived, and will leave your home sparkling clean and smelling great. Whether you want to make a significant personal contribution to the environment, or you want to ensure the health and safety of your family and pets, or you simply want to save money, Watkins natural household cleaners are the absolute best way to go.

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