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homemade cinnamon rolls Watkins has been developing and sharing recipes with our customers for many years. Plus our customers have shared their favorite Watkinized recipes with us for just as long.

You'll find a sampling of tried and true Watkins recipes here:
Watkins Biscotti Recipes
Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas, Menus And Recipes
Watkins Best Salads
Watkins Chocolate Cake Recipes
Fast, Easy, Healthy Watkins Recipes
Watkins Vanilla Recipes.
Watkins Cinnamon Recipes.
Watkins Roast Turkey With Stuffing and Roast Turkey Breast Recipes.
Watkins Leftover Turkey Recipes.
Watkins Easy Spinach Dip Recipes.
Watkins Meatballs In Barbecue Sauce.
Watkins Pumpkin Pie

You'll find all my most recently published recipes here.

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For many more free recipes visit WatkinsOnline Did you know that all Watkins food products have directions for use and usually have a recipe right on the label?

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