What Are Watkins Products?

Watkins products are items that we all need and use in our homes every day, in every aspect of our lives. Essentials for your pantry, medicine chest, home care and personal care, all made with the world's finest natural ingredients and backed by the world's first money-back guarantee. You'll find a wide-variety of household, health and beauty products, with something for everyone.

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With Watkins your satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back!

Watkins Products For Your Pantry

Watkins offers you distinctive, natural gourmet and organic food products to serve a wide range of tastes and cooking styles. Whether you are an enthusiastic home cook, chef, busy parent, organic foodie or you are new to cooking and baking, you'll find the perfect ingredients for your needs. Busy cooks save time in the kitchen with our quick, easy and delicious mixes and seasoning blends which are perfect for beginners too. When you stock your pantry and cupboard with Watkins you'll enjoy gourmet ingredients that are concentrated and of the highest quality therefore you use less and save money. You'll taste the difference quality makes!

Discover Watkins products like our famous award winning Vanilla, Cinnamon and Black Pepper are Grandma's secret to the best tasting cooking and baking. Generations of families have trusted nothing but Watkins products for their cooking and baking needs. Discover Watkins most popular gourmet food products for yourself. Your cooking and baking will taste better than ever!

Do you have special dietary needs? If you or someone you cook for has Celiac Disease or an allergy to gluten here is a list of Watkins gluten free products. You can also find a list of our certified Kosher products here.

Watkins Products For Your Medicine Chest

Timeless medicinal products like our original Red liniment and our amazing Petro Carbo Drawing Salve stand side by side with today's most advanced dietary supplements. Our tried and true heritage medicinals are made with all natural ingredients. Dietary supplements are all natural, with today's busy lifestyles in mind.

Discover Grandpa's trusted remedies, as effective today as they were in way back when. Discover Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment and supplements like CoQ 10

Watkins Products For Keeping House

Watkins home products carry the designed for the environment sealWatkins provides you with environmentally friendly home care products to ensure a clean home and a clean world. Our powerful cleaning products are concentrated with biodegradable formulas saving you time, effort and money. Watkins natural, plant-based cleaning products are a safer, non-toxic alternative to traditional cleaners that will leave every room in your home sparkling clean and smelling wonderful. You'll find all purpose cleaners in four delicious natural fragrances ( Lavender, Aloe and Green Tea, Citrus or Lemon), convenient wipes, window cleaner, furnature cleaner, bathroom cleaners for your tub and tile and toilet and laundry detergents.

Discover how Watkins can make your every day cleaning chores and toughest challenges a whole lot easier, here's how to get rid of a hard water stain, and if you've got a tough oil or grease stain degreaser is your cleaning solution! Last but not least, a Watkins air enhancer, non-areosol natural room spray will make your home smell wonderful and inviting.

Watkins Products For Personal Care

Watkins beauty products are certified by the Natural products associationWatkins offers you indulgent, natural personal care products that combine the best in herbal research with exclusive blends of nourishing botanicals. You'll enjoy personal care products that are created to make you feel wonderful and pampered. But that's not all you'll also find your every day essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo and body wash.

Discover how Watkins can make you feel special everyday with Watkins all natural skin care products.

Watkins Income Opportunity

Watkins business opportunity is our very best product, whether you join us to maximize your value and buy your favorite Watkins products wholesale or wish to have a successful business. Our team welcomes everyone, from hobbyists to those who want a fulfilling career.

How to Buy Watkins Products

Shop for your favorite Watkins products in our safe, secure Watkins store, call toll free 1-866-452-6948 to order by phone, or request your free Watkins full product catalog and order by mail or phone.

pay with your credit or debit card
With Watkins your satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back!

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