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Watkins Recipes, Cooking And General Interest

Recipes Concerned about online shopping? Read these Tips To Shop Safe Online
Learn more about Watkins being green and the benefits of choosing a company that cares about you, your family and your home.
Learn someorganic food facts and the benefits of choosing organic.
Would you like to see all of our featured Watkins Recipes.
Here are some easy Recipes For Leftover Turkey
Ideas and tips for having a fun and successful Christmas Cookie Exchange
Sensible and easy Dieting Tips For Holiday Seasons
Learn How To Extend The Shelf Life Of Spices And Herbs and some good reasons why you'd want to.
How to make Gourmet Flavored Coffee, it's easy, healthier and cheaper too.

Articles For Better Health

Watkins Health Products Prevention and Protection:
Find out: Does Homemade Chicken Soup Really Help A Cold? and an easy chicken soup to make.
These five spices have health benefits which may entice you to find new recipes to include them in your meal-planning repertoire.
Cold And Flu Defense protect yourself from coming down with a cold and the flu this year.
Osteoporosis Prevention Tips What is osteoporosis and are you at risk?
Indoor Air Pollution: Here's the inside story...
Insect Repellent offers safe protection from West Nile Virus.
Fresh Wash: Here's the dirt on food!
Antibacterial Spices - Don't spoil a good thing.
Watkins Garlic And It's Health Benefits
Benefits of Green Tea: It's in the Bag

First Aid And Remedies:
Uses For Petro Carbo The Drawing Salve
Liniment For Your Aches And Pains
Uses For Menthol Camphor Ointment
Medicated Ointment

Skin Care:
Try these Natural Home Remedies For Dry Hair
Check out these Natural Home Remedies For Skin Care!
Make your own Chocolate body scrubfor deliciously soft skin.
Try Watkins Peppermint Foot Lotion: The Agony of De Feet
Grape News for Your Skin - Anti-Aging Treatmentthat works.
Green Tea: Here's the Skin-ny on Tea
The Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin Care and Fading Scars.
Enjoy Vanilla Scents: Use Your Bean! Vanilla Aromatherapy

Watkins Vitamin E plus CoQ10 Cardio vasular health:
How to Choose Healthy Fats In Your Diet For Lowering Cholesterol
Chocolate: Love Potion Goes Straight to the Heart.
Health Benefits of Grapeseed oil: Time for an Oil Change.
Cinnamon For Lowering Cholesterol
Benefits of Cinnamon For Diabetes

Dietary Supplements:
Exercise And Watkins Linimax For Joint Pain Relief
E+CoQ10: A Perfect 10
Benefits of Calcium: Bone Up and Burn Fat!
Aloe Vera: New Remedy for Oral Health Problems
Benefits of Vitamin E and What Does Vitamin E do?

Watkins Products, Their Uses and Tips.

Watkins Gourmet Foods Watkins Gourmet Specialty Foods:
Discover what's so special about Watkins Vanilla
Why Watkins Black Pepper is the best pepper!
High-oil Korintje cassia,Watkins Cinnamon
The finest Watkins Pure Herbs And Spices
Fresh Wash For Fruits And Vegetables
Lean more about Watkins Organic Herbs And Spices
Watkins Dill
Watkins Sage
Watkins Garlic
Watkins Soup And Gravy Mixes
Watkins Grapeseed Oil Liquid Spices
Discover all our wonderful Watkins Extracts And Flavorings

Watkins Natural Home Care Products
Watkins Home Care:
Learn how Watkins Makes Cleaning Easy
Uses for earth friendly Watkins Degreaser And Cleaner.
Banish Odor with Watkins Odor Check - The Odor Remover
Uses for concentrated, environmentally friendly Watkins Organic All Purpose Cleaner
Need Help For Pet Odor
Learn How To Get Rid Of A Hard Water Stain easily!

Watkins Tried And True Medicinals:
Uses for Watkins Red Liniment And White Liniment.
Uses for Watkins Petro Carbo Salve
Uses for Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment or Medicated Ointment in Canada

Watkins Product News.

Watkins Limited Edition Products. These are only available for a limited time so when they are gone, they're gone!
Introducing Watkins Product and home business news

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