Watkins Product Testimonials And Stories From My Customers

I enjoying meeting new people and find it interesting to hear their stories about Watkins. I meet the nicest folks and enjoying talking with them on the phone and by e-mail. I recieve phone calls nearly every day, more often than not the caller is surprised and delighted to get to talk to a real person. People are always telling me about their favorite Watkins products, what they use them for and sharing their fond memories of the Watkins man visiting. I find it's very rewarding helping others and making people happy makes me feel great. I'd like to share with you some of my customer's stories, comments and testimonials about their favorite products.

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Watkins Product Testimonials And Favorite Products From My Happy Customers.

Hi Melody,
I am so glad that I finally found Watkins Products. My baked Cheesecakes have been missing the White Vanilla Extract. I am just so grateful that we will never be without you all.
Thanks again,
V. Clark, AL

Thank you for your response to my interest in the Watkins catalog. Most people nowadays know nothing about the old time Watkins products that used to sell door-to-door back in my youth. If I knew people who know of the product, I would consider becoming an associate myself. Most people who knew of and used Watkins are dead. I ordered the catalog for an older relative who mentioned to me that she wish she could find the old Watkins Liniment that our grandparents and parents once swore by. If I see something of interest I may order also.

I came across your refigerator magnet Thank God... Anyhow, Melody could you send me any new booklets you might have for Watkins cause I do need to make a order of my tub and tile cleaner. You would think Watkins would call me up to be their spoke person for this product.... just kidding.
GOD BLESS and may the peace of GOD be with you always!!

Please send your full Watkins catalog. Excellent service, received my order so quickly.
Linda D. IA

I don't need convincing of the Watkins products (Assuming it's integrity has been maintained). When I was a boy growing up on a farm behind a span of mules, 70 -75 years ago we used it from everything from a tick or snake bite to a horse with a sore neck from a collar bruise.... Does this mean that you are shipping the Order I tried to place among all that technibabble which I tried to wade through and place an order for two containers of Petro Carbo Salve??

Thanks! for getting back to me; I tried this before without response...and I have been unable to get any of your product for the last 4 years.
Donald W, MO

Thanks for the prompt shipping of my order. I received it a couple of days ago.

Hi Melody
thanks for your quick reply. Due to health concerns I have recently been looking for high grade, low artificial ingredient products, and came across Watkins while doing a web-search. So many of the products in the store contain ingredients I no longer want to put in my body. I am so glad that there are companies out there that realize this and put out a quality product! I look forward to receiving my catalog.
Lori J.

Thank You Melody for your prompt response to my e-mail. Yes, I would like a catalog and then after I browse the Watkins Products I will either contact you or order "on-line." For me ordering on-line is the most convenient and easiest method. And yes, it is sad that there are two reps here in this area and I can't locate them; maybe they have become complacent in their sales and are not "hungry" for additional customers or sales. Currently I am in need of the "toilet bowl cleaner" this product is the best! So please take a moment to send the catalog.

My order of cinammon and pepper arrived yesterday - and thank you for such prompt service. I regret there isn't a local person I can deal with, but am happy with what I recd from you, so will continue. I did receive a catalog in the box along with the spices.
Thanks again, Happy Fall
Carolyn H.

Hi Melody,
I don't think I need a catalogue right now, but thanks for checking. I look forward to ordering from you again soon.

Yes hon everything else is the same!!!
Glad you got yourself some help I am sure you are a busy lady with your company... There is a lady here in Beaumont who sells Watkins products and she saw my better half and asked him if we needed to order anything. He told her I order from a lady on the internet. She said, "Oh." I do not have nothing against her, but when I did order from her it took almost 2 months to get my stuff from her, which is why I searched the internet for a christian person. When I came across your site Melody I felt something so I would rather order only from you if that is fine.

Glad to hear from you as well Melody and I pray things are well with you!

Melody, I just wanted to thank you for sending me a catalog. I received it today. I know I can shop from the website, but it's so much easier to look at a catalog & decide what I need before I log on. The products I've tried so far are wonderful! :)

Hi Melody (what a pretty name)!
Yes, I would love for you to send me a full product catalog. I am sure my daughters and friends would love to see it, too. Thank you for your response.
Have a wonderful day!

Thanks for the email, Melody.
We have always loved the Petro Carbo Salve. Recently, a nieghbor had a very serious steam burn on her arm. She was just 5 days from leaving on vacation with her new love and surly didn't want to have an ugly mess showing on her poor arm. I suggested she use our Petro-Carbo salve (as I have to many others over the years), and she did. Boy, was she ever thanking us a couple of days later when she was half the way to being healed. But when she left, she took our salve! Thus our order to you. We are so happy to have found you and a way to order this and other products and look forward to many more orders over the years.
Thanks again,
Diane B.

See aren't my customers nice? I think they are the sweetest! Do you have a story or testimonial to share? We'd love to hear from you! Contact Us and tell us what you think!

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