Organic Food Benefits and Facts

Smart shoppers search out organic foods in order to provide their families with the absolute best possible food available. As we learn more about toxins in foods, things like Mad Cow Disease, pesticides, antibiotics, and such, choosing organic food seems to have become a more widespread option for most people. Some of the foods which are organically grown are produce such as fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, milk and dairy products, as well as livestock like chickens, goats, and beef.

What Are Organic Foods?

Organic foods are defined as that which has been grown without using fertilizers or pesticides. In fact, organic farms must follow strict guidelines to receive their organic certification. These guidelines are so stringent that, for example; farmers must not use any wood stakes for planting that are chemically treated; must keep all machinery free from dust and foreign substances which could contaminate the crops; and must use animal feed that is purely organic in quality. Furthermore, if any one of these contaminates were found in the crops, it would render the entire crop ruined.

USDA Certified organic Obtaining organic certification involves food production which can be certified. While every country has its own requirements, the standards used are much the same throughout the farming communities. Certification requires growing, storage, processing, packaging, and shipping which include total elimination of such chemicals as pesticides; antibiotics; food additives; and the like.

The farmland must be free of chemicals for three years; the producer must keep detailed records, maintain physical separation of organic products from non-organic products, have periodic inspections and are subject to the same agricultural, and safety regulations which govern non-organic farmers.

Benefits of Organic Foods

While we all know that most foods produced commercially contain some form of pesticides or insecticides in them, studies show these harmful chemicals can cause health problems.

According to scientists, their research with rats concluded that those who consumed organic or diets with the least amount of chemicals displayed an improvement in their immune systems, better sleeping habits and had a higher concentrate of vitamin E in their systems. A disturbing fact is that over three hundred pesticides were approved by the US federal government, and of those seventy-three were possible causes of cancer.

Organic farms, which are not exposed to toxins, grow healthy foods without the use of conventional chemicals. This is an important factor as the produce or animals raised on organic farms are also bred under healthy conditions, and therefore, the organic certification status remains intact. In general, these animals are given the highest quality of food, living conditions, and expert health care.

One of the benefits of substituting organic foods is it can alleviate the high concentration of pesticides found in most regular foods. Fruits and vegetables which is important in any diet, do sustain high levels of pesticide residue. Therefore, the benefit of consuming organic produce is quite obvious.

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