Watkins Has Your Solution To Pet Odor

Watkins has several products that will all work well for eliminating your pet odor problems. It's a fact of life, if you own a pet there is bound to be an occasional accident. Even a well trained pet can suffer from a tummy upset. And they will likey be ashamed of themselves too, poor babies.

Watkins Pet Odor Eliminator is a safe bacterial digestant that attacks odors at the source... naturally and permanently. Apply full strength to the source of pet odor. To clean and deordorize the cat's litter box apply full strength, leave it sit for a few minutes, then add hot water and scrub well. Tom cats mark their territory by spraying urine, you can remove their mark by spraying the area with Pet Odor Eliminator. When training a puppy you will have a few accidents before he or she matures enough to hold it. If an accident occurs blot or wipe up the urine and treat the area liberaly with the full strength product. Puppies use their sense of smell to find the right spot "to go", this will prevent repeat accidents in the wrong spot.

Watkins Odor Check uses safe bacteria and enzymes to kill odor at it's source. It is great for removing pet odor from carpets, pet bedding and kenells. Use as a spray and wipe cleaner, or mix with water. Read about more uses for Odor Chek the odor remover.

Oh no, your cat or dog had an accident on the carpet! It's ok, Watkins Stain-Pro Rug Cleaner to the rescue. Remove any solid matter, then apply stain-pro full strength on those horrible accidents such as vomit, urine or faeces, it removes the stain and all traces of odor. Works wonders fortraining puppies, apply full strength and your pup won't come back to the same spot again.

Unfortunately, these products are no longer available at this time. Shop for other Watkins natural cleaning products in our safe, secure Watkins US store, or the Watkins Canadian store, or request your free Watkins full product catalog.

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