Watkins Odor Check - The Odor Remover!

Odor Chek kills live bacteria which is the cause of nasty odors. This fantastic product uses bacteria and enzymes, not acids or caustics, to eradicate odor-causing organic waste without harm to the environment. It cleans and removes odors in baby rooms, bathrooms - any room where odor is a problem. Excellent for eliminating musty smells due to mildew. Use to clean and deodorize garbage cans. Odor chek is great for your R.V. septic tanks and outdoor washrooms, use 3 oz. per gallon of liquid. Spray generously around the exterior and base of toilet bowls where drips occur. Add a little Odor chek to water to clean and deodorize your fridge. Use in your wash to disinfect and deodorize clothing, towels or blankets. Spray liberally on carpets to remove tobacco, cooking and pet odor. Use to remove red wine stains from carpets. Spray inside runners to reduce foot odor. Spray on kitchen cutting boards to remove onion, garlic and other food odors. Deodorizes stainless steel sinks, pour 2-3 oz. in garbage disposals, grease traps and drains. Odor chek is recommended for use in septic tank to keep it bacterially "alive."

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