Watkins Fresh Wash - Fruit And Vegetable Wash.

Here's the dirt on food! Lunchtime - a spoonful of this, a handful of that, a dab of... dirt? Like it or not, we actually eat several pounds of dirt in our lifetime, according to Susan Moores, a St. Paul, Minnesota, dietitian. Luckily, Mom was right - a little dirt never hurt anyone - but there are a few other culprits that are cause for concern. Bugs, weeds and other critters wreak havoc on plants, and chemicals are often used to keep them away. Since these chemicals are specifically designed not to wash off in the rain, it stands to reason that they won't wash off with tap water, either. Even organically-grown foods harbor dirt, insects and bacteria that water alone won't wash off. If the thought of ingesting dirt and other foreign matter isn't very appetizing, Watkins Fresh Wash can help make it all a little easier to swallow. Fresh Wash is proven to work 400% better than rinsing with water alone, removing over 90% of surface contaminants and impurities. It even doubles the healthy life of lettuce. Choose from spray or concentrate - either way, it will definitely clean your palate!
Brenda Koth, MS, RD


Unfortunatley, Watkins Fresh Wash was discontinued many years ago and is currently NOT available. See all the other Watkins products in our safe, secure Watkins online store

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