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Melody Thacker enjoys sharing how a direct sales business can make a difference in the lives of people who choose this path. She's also passionate about living and sharing ideas on living a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

Melody Thacker wins awardsAugust 11, 2010.
Thacker has been selling Watkins products for nine years and has 320 people on her team. Although Thacker does still do some trade shows locally, for the past six years she has been focussing on the internet to sell her products and that is where the majority of her business is derived now. Its definitely a good option when you live in a small town with a tiny demographic. Thacker says.

Spotlight on: Melody Thacker Watkins Independent AssociateAugust 2010.
What do you love about this business? What I love most about my business is helping people. My customers are generally very friendly, happy to have found me and grateful to get the products they want! How could I not love that? Plus I love working with and coaching the associates on my team. Its awesome to see them make things happen with their businesses.

Marketer's MoJo - Podcast Show #20 Melody Thacker of Associate Melody
Recorded interview with Angel Wills of Marketers MoJo touching on some of the ways to market your direct sales business.

Clean Bill Of Health October, 11, 2007.
Thacker enjoyed talking with Jean Hill of the Worcester Telegraph and Gazette on the telephone, about how nontoxic and natural cleansers are regaining popularity today as more people are aware of the environmental and health benefits.

Success and Small Town Life - Breaking the Barriers to Rural Business Success January 2006.
Operating a small business is challenging, especially for entrepreneurs in rural North America. Thacker proves it is possible to enjoy the benefits of small town life while operating a successful small business. A updated copy of this release is availble upon request.

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