Watkins Limited Edition Gift and Holiday Entertaining Products Are Sold Out

Watkins ever popular limited edition holiday gift and entertaining products are selling out fast, some are already sold out at WatkinsOnline and others won’t last long. You may be able to get these products from some of our associates who carry inventory, if there is a product listed below that is sold out you may contact us and we will do our very best to assist you.

The following Gift Line Products are already sold out in the US and anticipated to sell out very soon in Canada.

  • 05203 Raspberry Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix – SOLD OUT in US
  • 05300 Pumpkin Bread Mix – SOLD OUT in US
  • 05315 White Chocolate Almond Hot Cocoa Mix – SOLD OUT
  • 05550 Beverage Sampler Set – SOLD OUT
  • 05347 Peppermint Stick Hot Cocoa Mix – SOLD OUT
  • 05980 Six Onion Soup Base – SOLD OUT
  • 05546 Almond Extract in Trial Mark Bottle – SOLD OUT
  • 05624 Pumpkin Butter – SOLD OUT in US
  • 05310 Cinna Cream Sprinkles – SOLD OUT in US

If you missed out on these great products you’ll have to wait until next September to see if we have them available again!