Unadvertised Specials on Petro Carbo Salve and Bite Balm

Watkins is giving you a great deal on two must have items for your home and travel first aid kits, Watkins petro carbo salve and Watkins bit balm.

The historic healer for cuts, burns, and more. Petro-Carbo Salve is still a must for every home medicine cabinet and first-aid kit. It’s safe and effective for healing cuts and burns and relieving sore, irritated skin. Also works well for drawing out slivers. You can learn more about Petro carbo salve and it’s uses here. The handy travel size is perfect for your purse, briefcase, or gym bag as well as your first aid kit in your auto and RV.

36607   Petro Carbo Salve Travel Size (9 g)
Buy One at $5.99 CAD   Get One for just 99¢!

Are pesky bug bites making you itch? Watkins Bite Balm will soothe your pain and the itch of those irritating bites. The convenient travel size tin is perfect for on-the-go outings like golf, fishing, camping, hunting or any outdoor activity! A must for every outdoor enthusiast. Psst… I’ve got a secret to share with you, bite balm is actually petro carbo salve, only the label is different.

33090   Bite Balm (9 g)
Buy One at $5.99 CAD   Get One for just 99¢!

This is a limited time offer in Canada so order now because this great deal won’t be around for long. Tip, the special offer to purchase the second one at this deeply discounted price will be shown during the checkout process.