Do You Remember The Door To Door Salesman Fondly?

Do you remember the Watkins man or another door to door salesman fondly? I don’t know how many people have shared their stories and good memories with me over the years. They love telling me about how much their family enjoyed and looked forward to the Watkins salesman visiting their homes.

I love hearing their stories and hearing how he was considered a good friend to their families. These are just some of the things I’ve heard many times. He always gave us kids candy. Mother always used Watkins vanilla and spices and had her shopping list ready for him. Dad used and swore by the liniment and petro carbo salve. Mom usually baked something special when the Watkins man was coming. Oh the memories!

So when I came across this video I knew I had to share it here with you, enjoy!

We still deliver right to your door, no appointment needed and you don’t need to bake me something special! Call me for assistance at 1-866-452-6948 or visit my shopping site to browse around the US Catalog or the Canadian Catalog for your favorite Watkins products.

Before you go, “Do you have a story or favorite memory about the Watkins man?” If so please do share in the comments below, we’d love it if you do!