Watkins New 11oz Butter, Pure Lemon and Pure Vanilla Extracts

Butter Extract, Pure Lemon Extract and Pure Vanilla Extract now in an economical 11 oz bottle.

Watkins Butter Extract, Watkins Pure Lemon Extract and Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract are now available in an economical 11 oz bottle.

Calling all bakers, we are thrilled to introduce to you three of Watkins most popular extracts in a new larger 11 ounce size. You can now get our pure lemon extract, butter extract and pure vanilla extract in Watkins exclusive 11 oz. Trial Mark bottle!

Are you excited and happy?

Watkins two ounce extract bottles are totally adorable with a wide range of unique flavors you can’t find any where else but if you bake a lot the 11 ounce bottles are much more convenient and will save you money.

The other exciting news is we finally have a large sized lemon extract for both our US customers and our Canadian customers. If you live in Canada this is twice as exciting news as lemon extract has been unavailable for several years!

If you haven’t tried Watkins gourmet extracts yet, you are in for a real treat when you do! You’ll taste the difference when you use only the very best.

Watkins Pure Extracts Feature:

  • No artificial flavors, colors or additives so you know exactly what you are eating.
  • 100% all natural ingredients (no gmo’s)
  • Made with pure oils.
  • High in oil content so you’ll enjoy full long-lasting flavor and strength for better tasting baking!

Watkins Butter Extract and our other Imitation flavors feature:

  • No artificial colors so they won’t effect the color of your baked goods.
  • Made using only the finest ingredients.
  • Concentrated flavor that guarantees superior results for the best tasting baking.

Order your Baker’s-Sized Extracts packaged in Watkins exclusive 11 oz. Trial Mark bottle today! You’ll find them here is the US online store and here in the Canadian online store.