US Watkins Products Being Discontinued

The following Watkins products have been discontinued in the US and some are no longer available. However you’ll find many are still available, some are limited quantity. If any of these are your favorites you’ll want to order them right away to avoid disappointment. Visit my JRWatkins Consultant site to place your order today.

Sorry we're discontinuing these Watkins productsI really hate sharing bad news as much as Watkins dislikes having to discontinue any of our wonderful products. We know that even a product that hasn’t sold as well as we’d like is still a favorite of yours and many of our other customers. I’ve seen how our product development team at Watkins headquarters puts a ton of love and care into each new product we introduce. It seems as if the products are our “children” that we’re sending out into the big wide world—so of course we want them all to be highly successful.

Watkins Natural Gourmet Foods 

Article Number Description Estimated Out of Stock Date
21143 Poultry Seasoning Out of Stock
01168 Meat Magic Out of Stock
05960 Gold Medal Assortment October 2013
01038 Baking Cocoa November 2013
21912 Garlic & Herb Seasoning December 2013
60402 Organic Vanilla Extract January 2014
21179 Cream Soup Base April 2014
21992 Seasoning Salt November 2014
60444 Peanut Butter Extract April 2015

Watkins Natural Bath & Body Care

Article Number Description Estimated Out of Stock Date
20449 Mango Body Oil November 2013
40516 Mango Hand Cream December 2013
40510 Vanilla Hand Cream January 2014
20471 Aloe & Green Tea Body Wash January 2014
23326 Aloe & Green Tea Shampoo January 2014
23327 Aloe & Green Tea Conditioner January 2014
20500 Facial Cleanser January 2014
20501 Pore Scrub January 2014
20502 Divine Day Cream March 2014
20503 Nourishing Night Cream August 2014
25102 Hands & Feet Retreat December 2014
25106 Baker’s Essentials December 2014
25112 Weekend Warrior December 2014
20474 Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion March 2015
20520 Mango Hand & Body Lotion July 2015

JR Watkins Natural Home Care

Article Number Description Estimated Out of Stock Date
06248 Bathroom Caddy & Brush December 2013
26741 Lemon Liquid Laundry Detergent March 2014
26742 Fragrance Free Liquid Laundry Detergent March 2014
23053 Orange Citrus Hand Soap November 2014
06730 Generation III Laundry Detergent December 2014

Watkins Home Remedies

Article Number Description Estimated Out of Stock Date
10498 Burn Cream Out of Stock
02320 Cough Syrup & Decongestant February 2014

Again, to avoid disappointment visit the JRWatkins online store to place your order today.