Edna Toth Saskatchewan Canada

Gold Team Featured Independent Watkins Consultant Edna Toth in Choiceland, Saskatchewan, Canada

Gold Team Watkins Consultant Edna Toth

Gold Team Watkins Consultant Edna Toth

Edna started with Watkins in the summer of 2012 when she took over Watkins from a friend that was retiring and going into a nursing home. This friend was someone special to Edna as she grew up with and was friends with her children. Edna enjoys using many Watkins products herself as well as serving her own customers.

Edna’s favorite Watkins products are Medicated ointment, Petro Carbo salve, many of the extracts, hand soaps, dish soaps, hand lotions, cinnamon and black pepper.

Edna is a Manager and supportive team leader with team members in Ontario and Saskatchewan. She’s a valued member of our facebook community and shares tips and ideas with everyone. 

If you are looking for a Consultant in Choiceland, SK and area Edna can be contacted at 306-428-2105

You can learn more about Watkins and how to become a consultant on Edna’s team here:  http://www.respectedhomebusiness.com/396546


Thanks for all you do Melody you rock, you make me feel good about what I do and build me up. ~ Edna Toth.


I think Edna rocks too and love working with her! It’s an honour to have her on our team. ~ Melody Thacker.