Does It Break Your Heart To Leave Your Children At Day Care?

parents with their precious new babyChildren grow up so fast, and your time with them is very precious. Does it break your heart to leave them at day care? If so you may be wondering, "How can I become a work at home Mom so I can stay home with my children?"

Many moms have found great success running their own direct sales home businesses and maybe you can too. They appreciate the freedom and flexibility it gives them to earn an income for their family, while being available for their children. Whether it's because of the low start up costs, the fun they have selling certain products, or the security their offered by having a big company behind there efforts, a direct sales company is a very viable and possibly profitable business.

How Can I Do It?

Having fun baking cookies with your kidsDoes this sounds good to you, but now you are wondering how can I do this? First, take your time, research some opportunities, and ask questions. You'll find some suggestions on how to choose the right direct sales company below. You'll also need to think about when you will work your business and how much time you can set aside for it each week. Here are some action steps to help you get started:

  1. Research 2 or 3 companies who offer products you'll like. If you aren't familiar with the products become a customer first and order some to try. Tip: You'll be more successful if you love the products.
  2. Talk to a consultant who will be your potential sponsor with each company you are looking at.
  3. Pick a company, join and order your membership, starter kit or business supplies.
  4. Contact your sponsor, they should be available to help you get started.
  5. Start part time marketing the products and spreading the word about your new business.

Imagine This

Imagine getting up each morning, feeding your family a nice, unhurried breakfast and kissing your husband good bye before he goes off to work. Then, you dress the children and get on with your day. Your schedule will likely include doing the dishes, some house work or errands, an hour working on your business and best of all time to play with your child. After a healthy home cooked dinner, once the little ones are safely sound asleep you'll enjoy the evening with your spouse. Can you picture it now?

How to Choose the Right Direct Sales Career For You

The question many people who are interested in starting a direct sales business have is "How do I know which one to choose?" Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice for you.

  • Imagine having time to play with your childrenWhat types of products do you enjoy using yourself? What do you feel strongly about?
  • For example; if you enjoy cooking, if are you concerned about the environment or your family's health, then you'll most likely enjoy selling these types of products more than you would something else. If you feel strongly about certain issues, for example being green you'll want to know if the company supports your issues and concerns.

  • Is the company, including those who will be your sponsor and upline helpful and supportive to those new to the business?
  • You can find this out by seeing how much information that's available to those interested in joining, but don't stop there. You'll also want to talk to a representative or potential sponsor and ask them lots of questions. This way you'll get a feel for how well they will work with you should you join them. Another thing you can do is to call the company directly and ask questions about their direct sales training. Sometimes direct sales teams are great, but the company itself won't always have information available for their consultants which will makes it more difficult for you to grow a business.

  • What are the costs involved?
  • You'll need to determine the amount necessary to not only purchase your starter kit, but also how things work if you need to return items or order more products. Will you be required to carry an inventory, do you only order from the company when someone places an order with you or can you do both?

  • Are there certain quotas or ordering requirements you must meet?
  • If so, you'll want to ask yourself if can you meet those quotas and how will you meet them?

  • What marketing materials will be available to you?
  • What does the company provide you, and also what are the rules should you want to create your own materials to promote your business? Some companies will not allow you to have a website or create business cards unless they have certain things on them. Others won't allow you to use their logos or names on any outside promotional material.

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