Jen Pond Iron River Michigan

Featured Gold Team Independent Watkins Consultant Jen Pond in Iron River, Michigan, USA

I joined Watkins in September of 2013. I had been selling for another company and had been growing increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and prices, but I found that I really liked selling, and I liked being able to get my own products at wholesale and liked not having to depend on someone else to get what I wanted when I wanted it. So, I began looking around for another company to sell for. I checked them all out, but a big concern of mine was what I considered to be over pricing. I didn’t know a thing about Watkins at that point, but I had been to a couple flea markets over the last few years and had seen people there doing public events, and for some reason, I was just drawn to it. So I got online and requested a catalog. When it came, I was pleasantly surprised to see:

  1. how many products they had, and
  2. how reasonably they were priced.

Next thing I knew, some lady named Pegge Tennant was calling me and asking if I was interested in becoming a Consultant. I asked her a million questions, then made the decision to give it a try. Little did I know what an adventure that would turn out to be—I fell head over heels in LOVE with the products, became an avid fan and firm believer in going chemical-free, and I continue to be amazed at the level of support and training that is offered to us as Consultants. We are given every tool we need to be successful, and if a person has the will, the sky is the limit, and I mean that sincerely. I so appreciate all the effort that is put into all the conference calls and Timeless Integrity. I have had more success in Watkins than I ever dreamed I could, and I feel like I’m just getting started.

I currently have 18 people on my Watkins Team and hope to greatly increase that number in 2017. That is a goal of mine and I am hoping my new Watkins website will help me in that regard.

I am having a blast selling with the party plan method. Once I got over the “jitters” and became comfortable speaking in front of people, it just became so much fun for me. It’s fun because I just love the products so much, and I love to tell others how awesome they are and make new Watkins converts. Party Plan is a great way to really kick start the income. I really like people, I like to interact with them. I like my parties to be very relaxed and fun, with lots of laughs, visiting and good snacks featuring Watkins products. I really enjoy helping my hostesses earn free Watkins products. Another thing I really enjoy is coaching the people on my Team and seeing them succeed and grow. Because I’ve experienced it myself, I know how much potential there is in Watkins, and I want them to know that too.

I like knowing I am an Independent Watkins Consultant; this is actually my own home business, so I work for me, not for some company. I like the integrity I find in this company and on our Team, and I love being able to confidently stand behind all the products I sell because I know firsthand the quality of them. I also love my sponsor, Pegge Tennant; she has been such and encouragement to me, a very patient trainer. Melody is an invaluable asset to our Team, she is a wealth of knowledge about the products and the internet aspect of the business and is always ready and willing to share what she knows with anyone who asks. Also, Bonnie Campbell has been such a blessing and encouragement to me; I am very humbled that she, an Executive, takes time for me. Both Pegge and Bonnie have gone out of their way to help me, and I take that example and use it to coach and encourage my own Team.

Yes, please contact me anytime at 906-458-0789 or connect with me on my Facebook page here.

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