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Travel Sizes Menthol Camphor Ointment and Petro Carbo Salve Discontinued

The following Watkins products have been discontinued in both the United States and Canada;  Petro-Carbo Salve — Travel Size and  Menthol Camphor/Medicated Ointment— Travel Size. If you have any of these small sized tins, hang on to them so you can refill them from the regular tins. Of coarse...

Watkins Beef, Iron And Wine Tonic

Watkins Beef, Iron and Wine Tonic was a popular old time remedy for improving one’s appetite, iron levels (anaemia) and general well being. Product: Watkins Beef, Iron and Wine Tonic, 02330 is currently not available  Country: US Reason: Vendor Issue In Stock Date: Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. Backorder Status:...

Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Shampoo

Product: Watkins Aloe and Green Tea Shampoo, 03326 has been discontinued and is not longer available. Country: US & Canada Reason: Vendor Issue Backorder Status: No new backorders will be taken. Previous backorders will be cancelled. Please watch for the announcement in 2009 regarding the replacement for this product.

Discontinued Cleaning Products Limited Quantities

Soon to be discontinued Watkins Cleaning Products are only available in limited quantities. In order to make room for our new line of natural based cleaning products, some of our home care products will be discontinued and are now offered as limited quantities to the extent of stock. If...