Top Gold Team Consultants First Quarter 2017

Gold Team’s Top Watkins Consultants, First Quarter of 2017

One of the things I enjoy most about my Watkins business is celebrating the successes of our team members. Seeing people reach their goals, cheering them on and supporting them is fun!

The following people consistently have sales each month and have outstanding leadership skills. They help others who wish to join Watkins as a Consultant and most of them are active in our support community. Some of them have been featured here already and you can get to know about them by clicking on their name.

So if you are looking for someone to purchase from or help you get started with Watkins this list will help you choose a sponsor. We’ve included their state or province so you can find someone in your time zone or nearer to you.

Consultant Phone Number Website
Kimberly and Dennis Randolph in TX 254-780-1958 Kim
Judy Westcott 403-320-2576 Judy
Marla Hill in MI 906-367-9547 Marla
Jen Pond in MI 906-458-0789 Jen
Amy Yang in BC 250-426-2221 Amy
Stacy Taylor in PA 717-888-9688 Stacy
Rhonda Jarrett in TX 254-770-0282 Rhonda
Edna Toth in SK 306-428-2105 Edna
Carla and James Mcghee in MD 202-409-8331 McGhees
Collene Lewis in TX 512-970-8929 Collene
Karen Stroud in OK 918-906-9916 Karen
Wanda Berndt in SD 605-437-2222 Wanda
David Gurzenski & Alan Lukes in CA 951-809-5232 Go Natural
Tracey Palmer in FL 561-333-9992 Tracey
Pegge & David Tennant in PA 888-849-1260 Tennants
Chris Catcher in ON 519-924-2857 Chris
Melody Thacker in BC 866-452-6948 Melody

Congratulations to everyone listed and their team members, we’re proud and honored to have you on the Watkins Gold Team!