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Liniment Watkins first remedy Famous for health and wellness for 140 years our original name was the J.R. Watkins Medicinal Company. Since 1868 when J.R. Watkins began making Watkins Vegetable Anodyne Liniment on a wood stove, our mission has been helping people feel better. Today Watkins health and wellness product line ranges from natural herbal remedies to registered drugs, from traditional to technological, but our commitment to you remains the same. Organic foods, heart healthy grapeseed oils, all-natural, non-toxic cleaning products, dietary supplements and much more. Watkins uses only the purest and the best natural ingredients that the world has to offer, creating a complete line of the high quality products to promote your optimum health and wellness.

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Featured Health Tips from Brenda Koth Watkins Health and Nutrition Advisor.

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It's in the Bag!

The benefits of green tea just keep brewing. Besides offering protection from many types of cancer, recent studies show daily consumption of green tea may reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease and cut the chance of a heart attack nearly in half. It can make you look and feel better, too! It's been shown to reduce allergy symptoms, fight cavities, improve skin, and may even help to boost metabolism and fat-burning. And here's a real eye-opener, when you're done sipping, use the tea bags to reduce bags and puffiness under the eyes. Just chill the tea bags after brewing. When the bags are cool, lie down and place them on your undereye area for 10 minutes. Next, find out how green tea can help reduce the signs of aging!
*Use unflavored green tea, for application on undereye area.
Brenda Koth, MS, RD

Here's the Skin-ny on Tea!

If you read the last Health Tip of the Week, you know about the benefits of drinking green tea, such as reducing allergy symptoms and boosting metabolism. Even if you're not a tea drinker, you can still get the anti-aging benefits of green tea. Recent studies show that applying green tea directly onto the skin may help to reduce the effects of aging due to sun damage. In addition, skin treated with extracts of green tea showed less UV damage, less sunburn and greater protection from skin cancer, compared to skin not treated with green tea. Watkins offers a complete line of green tea products for your skin, including Aloe & Green Tea Hand & Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Bar, aluminum-free Deodorant and Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap. For optimal sun protection, try Watkins Aloe Vera Sun Block SPF-30 and Aloe Botanical Lip Balm SPF-23. If you happen to get too much sun, Watkins Aloe Vera Burn Cream provides soothing relief.
Brenda Koth, MS, RD

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