How to Stop The Overwhelm

How to Stop The Overwhelm

Are you trying to do it all and wish you could stop the overwhelm? Women wear many hats as wives and Mothers we tend to take on much of the responsibility for cleaning the house and feeding your family. Plus you may have your job or your business and so much more.

Women are often too hard on ourselves! I know I often am, and I was worse when I was a young Mom! Things get even worse when you’re preparing for the holidays. So after seeing this issue come up in conversations with my online and offline friends I wanted to share some tips that helped me stop being overwhelmed.

How to stop overwhelm

1. Don’t try to be somebody else. You are on your own journey, don’t compare yourself to other people. You are unique and no one else is living your life. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Everyone has their own private struggles and honestly, the only perfect people are the ones in fairy tales.

2. Separate societal perceptions especially those in the media from what really matters. Some of the people you may envy are idolized by society, but social standards are not the only ones. Character and your personal values are what counts, and you may well have much more character than someone who is popular.

3. Nobody’s perfect. Do you want to know a secret? No one else is doing it all nor are they doing it perfectly! Take this truth to heart and adjust your expectations of yourself accordingly.

4. Don’t focus on what you lack; be grateful for what you have received.

5. Appreciate nature. Look at the trees, plants, animals, starry skies, sunrises, and sunsets as gifts to you.

6. Ask for help, delegate tasks to family members or hire someone to do the things you don’t love doing or aren’t good at. If money is an issue, trade or barter to get the help you need. Getting help is a great way to stop the overwhelm.

7. Get it done, good enough! Perfectionism can be a form of procrastination and a cause a lot of stress. Done is better than perfect!

8. Manage your time effectively. Use shortcuts, systems and look for easier ways. You shouldn’t feel like you need to work every minute. Figure out a good schedule where you feel productive and that allows for leisure time because it can give you a great sense of peace.

9. Make lists so you don’t have to keep everything in your head at once. Nothing undermines peace like a bunch of jumbled thoughts! Your lists should include long-term projects and immediate to-dos.

10. Let things go that you can’t control. When it comes down to it, we really can’t control nearly as much as we would like to.

11. Keep a journal or scrapbook. For some, just the act of organizing their thoughts and keeping a record of their lives brings peace. For others, getting their thoughts out on paper is therapeutic in itself.

12. Let the past go; it can not be changed. There are no do-overs. Learn to embrace your past experiences as learning opportunities. Share with others what you have learned from your mistakes. Your sense of peace will increase if you use your negative past to have a positive impact on your (or someone else’s) future.

13. Simplify. We tend to set high expectations for ourselves. Set priorities and keep it simple.  Complete one task before you start the next one.

14. Don’t feel like you have to be productive every moment of every day and night! Recognize the importance of “down time,” and don’t feel guilty about taking some. Spend time with yourself. You can’t be at peace with someone you don’t know.

I hope you found these 14 tips help you beat overwhelm so you can live a happier more peaceful life.

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