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Salt Free Ways To Spice Up Your Meals

Salt Free Ways To Spice Up Your Meals

Salt is a naturally occurring mineral, it’s everywhere and we can’t live without it. However, most North Americans consume much more than they need. Fast food, junk food like chips, and most frozen and prepackaged foods are loaded with added salt. Here are some salt-free ways to spice up...

Which Is Better Natural Sea Salt or Table Salt?

Have you been wondering, “Which is better, natural sea salt or regular table salt? Perhaps you haven’t given it any though Maybe you’ve heard that natural sea salt is a healthier alternative to common table salt? Perhaps you’ve seen sea salt used by gourmet chefs on cooking shows and...

Three Tips To Reduce Salt In Your Diet

Are you looking to reduce salt in your diet and increase your heart health? Or are you wondering, “What is the big deal about salt? Your body requires a certain amount of sodium to function. It helps to keep muscles moving and the electrical conduction system of nerves working...

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