Liquid Laundry Detergent Money Saving Tips

Do you hate to waste things? I noticed I couldn’t get the last tablespoon or so of Watkins liquid laundry detergent out of the bottle to use it and that would never do! I’m too frugal to throw it out and if you are too, there’s a simple solution!

You’ll be quite tickled by how easy it is to get that last bit of laundry detergent out of the bottle.

Did you know the fabulous no drip, no mess pour spout is re-moveable? Yes it is! Grab a butter knife, (or similar sized sturdy implement) slide one end into the drain slot and pry up gently. The spout will pop right off! Now you can pour out every last drop of cleaning goodness.

You can screw on the cap (without the pour spout) and turn the bottle upside down to drain into the cap to use in the next load if you like.

Want more money saving tips?

Did you know if you have a HE front load washer it only takes one tablespoon of Watkins liquid laundry detergent to clean a entire load? The directions on the bottle suggest using:

  • 1 oz for normal loads
  • 2 oz for large loads

However, for our sheets, towels and everyday clothes 1/2 oz or 1 tablespoon works great in our front load washer.  I recommend using a 1 tablespoon measuring spoon rather than the lid to measure. My old eyes can’t see the measurement lines in the lid very well, it’s my only complaint about this product. (I don’t know who designed the cap? But Hello!) Actually the lighting in my laundry area isn’t the best but a few of my customers agree with me about the lid.

For my husband’s dirty, stinky, greasy work clothes I use 1 oz or two tablespoons. I pre-treat spots and stains with either the laundry detergent or Watkins degreaser for oil and grease based stains. I was amazed at what a great job this laundry detergent does on getting my husband’s work clothes clean.
Another money saving benefit of using J.R. Watkins Natural Liquid Laundry Detergents is the plant formula contains a soy-based fabric softener that leaves your clothes feeling lovely and soft,  so that’s one less thing you need to buy. Because this detergent is low sudsing it’s ideal for all types of washers including front loaders and high efficiency washers, and it’s safe for septic tanks too.

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