Unique and Thoughtful Gifts That Will be Appreciated

unique gift ideasFor some (many) people gift-giving can be the cause unnecessary stress – for both the giver and the give-ee! But there is a new, growing trend, many people are choosing to live simpler, greener and/or more mindful of accumulating too much “stuff.” If you are looking for less-material gifts that will still be appreciated by the recipient, here are some ideas for unique and thoughtful gifts that will be appreciated.

1. Memberships
One of the keys to giving a thoughtful, non-material gift is to give someone something they will love but are not likely to buy for themselves. Memberships to gyms, museums, clubs, and other organizations can give someone the privilege of membership they couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for on their own.

2. House Cleaning and Organization
Who wouldn’t want a free house cleaning as a gift? or maybe just someone to spend a few hours organizing your closet or pantry. Offer these services to friends and/or family (tactfully) and it will be appreciated.

3. Childcare
This is another gift of service that can be a big help in someone’s life. Of course, it depends on the family’s dynamic; but offer to do what you know falls within the comfort level of everyone involved. It might be that you come to their home and watch the kids while the mom gets something done (the “mother’s helper” role), or it may be watching the children of a single mom while she goes out to coffee with a friend.

4. Home Improvement Project
Do you know someone who really needs something done around the house but doesn’t have the time or money? Offer to do the project for them! Maybe it’s re-tiling the bathroom or fixing a leaky faucet, or maybe re-painting a room. Getting it done for them would be a welcome gift!

5. Take a Trip Together
For many, creating memories is better than piling up material items that get forgotten or broken. Doing the planning and paying are part of the gift, so the recipient just gets to relax and enjoy. It might just be a day trip and lunch, or a week-long vacation! Whatever time and budget allow will work.

There are lots of other ideas too, from gift certificates to spa appointments. Let your imagination go and think outside the gift box.


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