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3 Good Reasons Why You Should Eat What’s In Season

We eat a lot of fresh local produce in the summer and this got me thinking about the benefits to eating seasonal foods. Here’s three good reasons why seasonal food is a better choice for your family. 1. Save Money, seasonal foods are easier on your budget!

Vegetarian Fourth of July Picnic Ideas

The great American Fourth of July picnic, with its traditional foods like grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried chicken, is something vegetarians can enjoy participating in, too. Here are some ideas for making your Fourth of July very vegetarian. The Grill The outdoor grill is actually very conducive to...

What to Make With Pumpkin

A family trip to your local pumpkin patch can fill an entire day with fun activities along with pumpkin picking. But then, are you stuck for ideas on what to make with pumpkin? There are endless meals and desserts you can make with the versatile pumpkin. Everything from savory...

Baking Soda The Natural Beauty, Bath and Body Care Secret

Baking Soda The Natural Beauty, Bath and Body Care Secret

You probably know how versatile baking soda is for cleaning and deodorizing your home. But did you know this humble substance, sodium bicarbonate, has an amazing array of uses for beauty and skin care? It is all natural, inexpensive and can be purchased just about anywhere. So it’s worthwhile...