Holiday Diet Tips

Holiday Diet Tips

Dieting Tips For The Holiday Season

Almost every holiday gathering seems to center around food. Easter, chocolates for Valentines Day, Fourth of July barbecues, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years to name a few. Holidays are filled with social events with tons of delicious food, the nemesis of every dieter on the planet. So many of us worry about gaining weight during the holiday seasons, and those dreaded pounds can really sneak up on you if you’re not careful. If you are worried about how your diet will suffer during the holidays, try these sensible holiday diet tips for coping!


Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet During The Holidays

Be Active. Just because it’s cold or miserable outside doesn’t mean you can’t be active and get some exercise. Organize a group to go on a winter hike or ice skating. Go out caroling can help take the focus off food while giving you some mild exercise too. Go for a long walk to look at the beautiful Christmas lights. Take up mall walking with a friend. Join a gym or fitness center, it’s the perfect gift to give to yourself. Think of small ways to stay active rather than hibernating indoors.

Eat Before You Leave. Don’t go to a party ravenously hungry, you are sure to overeat if you do. If you’re really worried about eating too much at a party, have a light, healthy snack or meal before you leave. Eat something nutritious and filling, but leave enough room for a light meal or dessert.

Snack Light. Don’t be afraid to have a few snacks at a party. Just don’t nibble during the entire 3-5 hours! Allow yourself a small plate of snacks and stop there. Chose lower calorie foods like fresh vegetables, and limit or avoid the high-fat and fried snacks, such as cream cheese canapes, sour cream based dips and deep fried appetizers.

Watch Your Alcohol Consumption. With all the parties during the holiday season those few drinks can really add up. Take it easy on the alcohol as it has loads of calories. A good trick is to have a wine spritzer, mix a little wine with some club soda and sip slowly throughout the night; this could cut down your alcohol intake dramatically. And you feel better the next morning too.

Forget About Your Diet. Well don’t dump your diet altogether or you may regret it in the New Year, just don’t focus on it. If you constantly worry about your diet or how many pounds you might gain during the holidays, you will be more likely to eat more. Instead, concentrate on the wonderful company you are sharing and stop worrying so much about overeating.

Tips for Cutting Down the Calories this Holiday Season

diet tips for the holidays

Here are some tips for cutting down the calories easily and forgetting about the extra pounds this holiday season:

    1. Drink water. It is a fact that if you drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes prior to your meal you won’t be as hungry as you normally would be. Try to drink as much water as you can throughout the entire day and you won’t be as hungry.
    2. Don’t nibble all day. It’s irresistible to stay away from all the food and sweets when it’s sitting on the display. This is where even the most faithful dieters throw in the towel. They nibble here and there all day, then eat a full meal. Try not to nibble, have a glass of water or a piece of fruit instead. Cut an assortment of veggie sticks and keep them close at hand. Often we nibble on food out of habit, not because we’re really hungry.
    3. Stop after the first plate. Don’t go back for seconds. I know it’s hard. All those homemade goodies will probably be calling your name. But don’t go back for more! Eat your dinner and stop there. It takes about 30 minutes before your brain registers that you are actually full and you will no longer feel like seconds.
    4. Use a smaller plate. You are going to fill up your plate, no doubt about it. So use a smaller plate. Instead of using the big plates, grab a smaller plate to eat off of. You won’t be able to fit as much on it. Less food on your plate means fewer calories you’re taking in!
    5. Find a taste tester. If you are doing the cooking this year, stay out of the pot! If you need a food taster, ask somebody else to do that job for you.

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