How To Ease Your Anxiety and Live in the Moment

English: Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety

English: Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s a crazy world we live it and learning to live in the moment can be a very freeing state of mind. With so many things to do and worry about it’s easy to get stressed out and anxious. Understanding that “now” is all you really have can bring you a sense of peace. Here are some ideas on how to ease your anxiety and keep your mind in the moment.

1. Cultivate a sense of gratitude. Train your mind to appreciate everything around you – trees, clouds, your home, food, and so forth. Through practice, you will learn a sense of gratitude for your life and everything in it.

2. Meditate on peaceful concepts and simple thoughts. Meditate on gratitude as noted above, and think about what you are doing at that moment – breathing, sitting, experiencing. Breathe very deliberately and think about each breath. Feel and listen to your heart beat.

3. Let the past go, and recognize that you can not change it. Look at mistakes as learning experiences, and view hard experiences as tools that shaped and honed you.

4. Let the future go as well. You can not control it, and the only influence you have over it is what you are doing in the here and now. Recognize that worrying does not influence the future at all.

5. Exercise is very helpful in generating endorphins and other feel-good body chemicals, and it can help work out anxiety through physical means.

6. Reduce clutter in your living space to help ease your anxious mind. If de-cluttering the whole house is unrealistic, then pick a room or even a corner or special area that is clean and clutter-free. Just looking at this area throughout the day can help ease your mind and keep it focused. Make this your meditation space.

7. Commune with nature, and learn lessons from quietly observing the plants and animals around you. Think only about what you are doing at that moment. Meditate on how the landscape looks right now, and take it in with a sense of awe. Nature helps you recognize how small you are, and thus how small your problems are in comparison.

8. Listen to peaceful, relaxing music or nature sounds on CD. Let the music transport you into a peaceful state. Play music that brings back good memories, and think only of those memories and the music itself.

9. Drink chamomile tea in the evening. Chamomile helps calm fears and anxiety, and it promotes sleep. Getting enough sleep is an important factor in alleviating anxiety.

P.S. If self help techniques don’t seem to be working for you please seek professional care, you are so worth it!

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