How To Stock Your Pantry For Winter

While the weather may still be balmy and summer-like, winter is really just around the corner. Now is the time to make sure your pantry is ready for cold weather, comfort food, and easy meals when you don’t want to step outside. The following tips and ideas will help you get your pantry ready for the winter.

Start with a List

Without opening your pantry doors, grab a pen and paper and sit down at the kitchen table. Make a list of the common ingredients you need for winter recipes. Remember to include things like dried beans for soups and stews, canned vegetables, and baking supplies. Also remember to consider your spice rack. What spices do you use often?

Take an Inventory

Once you have your list, open your pantry and take a look at what you have. Note anything that’s not on your list. Also put an asterisk next to items that you can stock up on safely. For example, if you bake a lot then you might want to buy a 25-pound bag of flour rather than a 5-pound bag of flour. If you use beans in many of your recipes then buy dried beans in bulk rather than canned beans. You’ll save money when you buy in bulk.

Do You Can?

Home canned fruits and vegetables are an excellent way to enjoy seasonal produce year around. If you do can or are interested in trying it, then stock up on canning supplies and produce. Fruit is the easiest to preserve in jars, including tomatoes. Beans, cucumbers, carrots and beets all can well, pickling them is the quickest, you won’t need to use a pressure canner because the vinegar. 

Make Jams and Preserves

Along the same lines, you can stock up on seasonal fruits right now and make jams and jellies that last throughout the winter. Stone fruit, berries, and even apples and pears make great jams, jellies, and butters.

Clip Coupons and Keep Your Eyes Open for Sales

You still have time before the first frost and before the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Start looking for sales and coupons. You can stock up on pantry supplies without spending a fortune in the process.

Buy In Bulk

In addition to buying when items are on sale, consider visiting a bulk food store. You can stock your pantry with items from your bulk food store. Spics, baking items, pasta, cereal and even dog food and dog treats can be purchased at a bulk food store. It’s a great place to visit before the weather turns cold.

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