The Secret to a Pretty Crust

Have you ever wondered how to get a beautiful shiny, golden brown crust on your pies, bread and other baked goods? Compare the buns on the left and the right. Which ones looks prettier and way more appetizing?


The secret is to glaze or wash the dough with beaten egg just before you pop your goodies it into the oven. Simply beat a whole egg, or just the yolk for small batches. Up to a teaspoon of water, milk or cream can be added if desired. I used just the yolk, it gives you a deeper brown shiny results. The color and shine will vary, all will produce a more appealing finished baked good.

Use a natural bristle pastry brush, or your fingers to lightly brush the egg over top of the dough. Silicone brushes work but as you can see in the photo it may leave brush lines. I don’t know why I grabbed the silicone brush this time.

Like my Mother I mainly use egg wash on pie crusts. I jus happened to baking buns and thought it would be fun to show you the difference. Did you find this tip helpful? Do you do this too? Comment below and tell us what you think, we’d love it if you do!

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