Older Ladies Look Hot with This Hot New Hair Color!

Us women have always been concerned about our looks, even those of us who don’t follow all the latest fashion, hair and beauty styles still want to look good. As we get older we are faced with the dreaded grey hair! It’s common for women to reach for the nearest box of dye to cover up their greying locks. But it seems the times are changing when it comes to grey hair. Not only are women choosing not to cover their grey – even young women are choosing to color their hair grey.

Is silver-grey the new trend? Enjoy the video “Older Ladies” and then read on to find out!

It would seem so! Rihanna came out on Instagram with her silver highlights and some had their doubts about her look. But there’s no doubt that it’s caught on – either Rihanna started it or she’s just one of many celebrities on the crest of a silver wave.

This is good news for older adults, who can now be considered trendy if they shake off the “tyranny” of hair color. Think of all the time and money you’ll save! Plus you’ll reduce your exposure to chemicals. If you’re going to go grey, there are some things you should know in order to pull it off with style. Here are some tips from salon experts.

1. Long Gray Hair is Okay
There’s no rule that says long hair has to be colored, or that grey hair has to be short. For the younger crowd, coloring their hair silver-grey and wearing it in youthful styles makes an ironic and striking statement. Older adults can still wear long grey styles, too – just choose one that fits your face. Long grey hair also looks great in an up-do.

2. Color – Look What You Can Wear Now
Some people who go grey (either naturally or by coloring) are surprised to find out they can now wear colors they didn’t look good in before. Couldn’t wear red? Grey hair looks great with red, and it also shows off pink, royal and navy blue, and emerald green beautifully.

3. Makeup Adjustments
If you’re going grey, you’ll need to take that into consideration when you put on your makeup. Pinks, reds, and corals look good and prevent you from looking washed out. If you haven’t worn blush in the past, now is a good time to start. This is also a great time to go with some colorful eye shadow.

4. Highlights
Hairdressers suggest getting a slight violet tint to avoid yellowing, especially if you have white hair rather than grey. And of course, you can always color that white hair silver-grey!

The best news is, older adults no longer have to feel self-conscious about their grey or white hair. Older ladies look hot with grey hair! With the right style and an air of confidence, your silver head can be quite the trendy look.

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