Twelve Days of Christmas Cookie Recipes

Cookies and Christmas go together like hands and gloves, the holidays simply wouldn’t be as warm without cookies. So I thought I’d host Twelve Days of Christmas Cookie recipes here to share the warmth with you, along with cookie baking and storage tips!

Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies

Baking and serving cookies is a Christmas tradition in many families. Baking cookies makes your home smell delightful for the holidays. It’s a fun project to do with your children or grandkids. What kid doesn’t enjoy licking the bowl? Plus they’ll learn some valuable life skills like measuring and cleaning up. The end reward is eating your delicious creations.

You might enjoy A Christmas Cookie Exchange with tips and ideas for planning and hosting your own cookie swap! It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and socialize with people you care about.

Here’s a list of all the cookie recipes and tips!

  1. Day one:  Gingersnaps to fill your home with the sweet smell of spices and the holidays, a traditional favorite.
  2. Day two:  Nutty Christmas Cookies. These shortbread type cookies are full of nuts and frosted with vanilla icing, yummy!
  3. Day three: Vegan Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies delicious spicy, oatmeal cranberry cookies. They are vegan, dairy free and egg-free.
  4. Day four: Snickerdoodles have a funny name but they are cinnamony good!
  5. Day five: Butterscotch Shortbread made with brown sugar.
  6. Day six: Holiday Fruit Drops, almost like fruit cake and healthy too.
  7. Day seven: Deluxe Sugar Cookies and/or Jam jams
  8. Day eight: Nutmeg Logs unique and delicious.
  9. Day nine: Snowflake cookies dusted with powder sugar.
  10. Day ten: Stained Glass Cookies, pretty as a picture.
  11. Day eleven: No Bake Chocolate Mint Cookies a kids favorite year-round.
  12. Day twelve: Shortbread cookies, melt in your mouth buttery shortbread!

Bonus recipes: Watkins Spiced Christmas Biscotti, Watkins Almond Biscotti, Almond Biscotti with Fruit or Chocolate Chips and Watkins Anise Biscotti you’ll find all these biscotti recipes here.

For the perfect cookies check out the top 10 cookie baking tips, tricks and techniques. Freezing cookies and cookie dough tips and more coming soon!

One of our readers requested a print feature so now you can print or save the recipes and articles as a pdf. Hope you find this feature helpful!

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